Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pecha Kucha Seattle Slide List

The Hazel Tree Mother: The Tree in Winter, 2007, acrylic and digital collage, Alice Dubiel
Lay Women Healers in Medieval Europe, mural for Student Health Center, San Jose State University, 1979, acrylic media, Alice Dubiel
Apocalyptic Visions: Scrolls for a Fearful Time: We feared the slow death of fish and marine life from the poisoning of the planet, Scroll II, watercolor on paper, wood, silk, 1984, Alice Dubiel
Rhinewater Purification Plant, installation, 1972 Museum Haus Lange, Krefeld, Germany, Hans Haacke
Dreaming the Earth Whole: Watershrine, 1990, Bumbershoot Seattle, mixed media installation, Alice Dubiel; for complete installation, collaborators Marita Dingus, Ann T. Rosenthal, Sarah Teofanov
Flowing Salmon Shrine, 1997, mixed media, (Carkeek Park and other locations) Alice Dubiel
Agriculture and Reproductive Freedom: A Tale of Crisis Management, 1992-1997 (2 images), Alice Dubiel
Re:Seeding Gaia: Flow, 1996, acrylic on paper, wood, Alice Dubiel
Penelope’s Web: The Light Bursts Forth, 1999, acrylic and mixed media on paper, Alice Dubiel
The Landscape Tale, from Agriculture: An Alchemical Treatise, 1993-4, installation at 911 media arts, Seattle
The Landscape Tale, exhibition announcement, 1993, commercially printed art card of image by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, 1809, and letterpress of map of Paris c. 18th C. superimposed, Alice Dubiel
Strategic Clearing: Mt. Rainier, 2004, acrylic, photocopy and mixed media on paper, mounted on stretched canvas, Alice Dubiel
Strategic Clearing: White Pass and Bumping Lake, 2000, acrylic, photocopy and mixed media on paper, mounted on stretched canvas, Alice Dubiel
North Cascades Lichen Leaves, 2006, digital print and relief paint, Alice Dubiel
Mt. Stephen, 2009, photo by Alice Dubiel or Jim Hopfenbeck
Walcott 2009, conference reception at Whyte Museum, Banff, Alberta, photo by Alice Dubiel
Opabinia regalis, specimen prepared by Charles Doolittle Walcott, described by Harry Whittington, photos by Chip Clark, and Opabinia action figure, courtesy Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto
Sculpin egg mass, Summer 2009, Golden Gardens Park Beach, photo by Alice Dubiel
A New Song in Praise of Peace, 2009, acrylic and mixed media on board, Alice Dubiel (also cover to Laude Novella, compact disk recording by Medieval Women’s Choir)

Also included Seed Card piece, Imagination Resists Domination: Crimson Clover, 1994-2003. This was a revision of seed packets pieces accompanying shrines and other installations.
Here's the text:
Imagination resists domination
Crimson clover
Plant in urbanized areas to colonize increased plant space, roots break the subsurface. Green manures fertilize and cultivate soils. Plant the seeds of your dreams in the dark of your imagination. As you sow, visualize a city which nourishes without depletion, where fertility is wealth. Hold the soil in your hand. Make your wish come true.
© 1994-2003 Alice Dubiel
for The Landscape Tale:
for Crisis Management:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Slide List for Social Injustice, The Gallery at Tacoma Community College

Diego Rivera
Mujeres Muralistas
Alice Dubiel, Lay Women Healers in Medieval Europe
John Heartfield
Hannah Hoch
Deborah Lawrence
Judy Chicago
Miriam Schapiro
Joyce Kozloff
Alice Dubiel, Crisis Management in Reproduction: Women and Agriculture