Thursday, November 17, 2011

Twitter essay: working title #occupyWestlake

Currently this is in draft state: will add photos and outline to differentiate between my "essay" and conversations. Not sure how to format yet, but will work on it.

Richard Neil of Seattle Police Guild on KUOW at 10 am today: total projective identification + agent for corporate retail in downtown.
 Here's the link to Weekday KUOW interview with Richard Neil of Seattle Police Officers' Guild. He's on before Dow C.
Richard Neil has no problem with privatization of public space by corporate business in downtown, wants suburban shoppers not
 In Seattle, Pacific Place parking garage was built with HUD funds.  inside garage with wiwaxia in front
Time to reclaim public space privatized by corporate businesses downtown. HUD parking at Pacific Place   Chase ATM RT by
Kit R

RT : Time 2 reclaim public space privatized .. downtown. HUD parking at Pacific Place  And just where are those suburbanites from, Seattle Police guild Richard Neil? at these prices...    price sign  

Thanks for RT. This garage & re-open Pine are theft of public property as far as I'm concerned. Why important to occupy Westlake.

Stephen Fesler

as a planner, I largely have to agree. Mainly because public spaces owned/maintained by businesses are exclusionary and fail to..
Stephen Fesler

capture the interest of patrons. There are exceptions however, but there has to be a stong money motive and good to work inspite
Stephen Fesler

  *good design team to work inspite of status quo
It's more fun and engaging to go to a real public space with real benches, people interacting. Why street food and real parks work.
This HUD parking garage at Pacific Place is nicely appointed for suburbanites to come downtown. Why   (elevator pic)
More fancy and expensive (lighting) appointments at HUD funded parking Pacific Place.   elevators
Footnote You might be interested in my installation essay at old 911 in 1993
 The clincher: the hoi polloi need not show up to HUD parking garage at Pacific Place.    valet parking and two range rovers  

I heard that. B/c I thought it was Dow, I was completely shocked, but then I recalibrated
  Dow was trivializing, I think, but he might have been embarrassed by Neil's artless support of bizness.
The complicity of city, county officials & police officers such as Richard Neil in privatization of public space is why


and come on, it's not like these businesses are your neighbors' haberdashery, they're all soulless corporate junk sellers.
Yes, there's no Theo chocolates at Westlake; it's Warren Buffet's See's Candies!
+You must have seen new tv commercials from AMEX re small businesses: I think Amazon is defined as a "small bix 4 tax purposes."