Monday, October 11, 2010

In the studio on #101010 – artwork for North Cascades National Park

Part of my work at North Cascades National Park during the residency involved presentations to local schools in Sedro Woolley, the library in Concrete and making a work for the Park's collection. I'm preparing this work to show at the open studio here at Planet Art on October 31 before delivering it to the Park. Here's how it looked yesterday while working on #101010, the global work party coordinated by along with a detail of a crackle paste study of trilobites. The maps were created digitally and printed on handmade paper using USGS topographical maps made by park staff in 1976. Here, you see washes I have laid on them, and I will continue to paint on top of them as well as on the crackle paste. As a result of weather effects such as landslides and vegetative growth, the landscape has changed since then. Now the underpainting and digital image reflect historic landscapes, and not the current one.