Saturday, May 22, 2010

Crackle Paste notes

Applied crackle paste to boards, both with immediate water spray and not: not really different. Main criteria for problem cracking is thickness (or thinness) of application.
Fix: pieces were falling out: poured mixture of 2/3 matte regular gel and 1/3 self leveling gel. Smoothed in with spatula palette knife, but ridges still show. Nice satin finish. Palette knife also seems to wipe edges of paint. (ran it over many times to reduce ridges). So be cautious about palette knife.
Try: soft gel matte instead of regular gel, and less wiping.
The thinner crackle paste doesn't require the coat for surface integrity and leaves surface for absorbent.
Trying to figure out whether to scrape the small door since paste was so thick. However, there are really cool little spot indentations perhaps from bubbles or water spray. Perhaps not entirely scraping. Need to get more board material.

Also, photoshopped fossil and collaged onto canvas.
used: film grain, glowing edges tweaked, then diffuse glow, tweaked
Looks very fern like. Paint over with iridescent/interference? Certainly around border, or extending the picture...
These could work really well for chine colle.